Nella Coiro

Nella Coiro is the author of the popular books: The Forgiveness Journey and The Forgiveness Journey Workbook. Her memoir, Dancing in the Rain, A Memoir of Courage, Strength, & Resilience has just been released, and can be purchased globally, wherever books are sold, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Nella has put herself through school, and has earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees with honors. She has worked a counselor, a life coach and a mindfulness practitioner. She is also an inspirational public speaker.

Nella has overcome many difficulties and adversity in her own life, including childhood adversity, challenges and losses. Her goal is to inspire and help others to heal, learn from, and to rise above their own challenges and struggles.  She is also currently on dialysis, and hopes to receive a donor kidney in the future. 

Aside from her books, Nella’s work has been published in various publications, including Studio East Magazine & Supervision Journal. She has been interviewed by The Times, The Putnam County Press, and Eventful Magazine, and has appeared on the TV show, Artists and their Art. Her events are held at book stores, libraries, schools, social clubs, and via Zoom.

On a more personal note, Nella dabbles in other creative arts. She is a musician and has performed in bands with her husband, Kenny. She also enjoys painting in oils and acrylics.  She and her husband Kenny, both spoil their lovable hound rescue, Alex. She especially enjoys the cozy warmth of her wood burning stove, or curling up with a good book.