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About Nella 
Nella Coiro is the author of the popular books: The Forgiveness Journey and The Forgiveness Journey Workbook. Her third book – her memoir has been accepted for publication, and will be launched in 2022. You can take a sneak peek, or sign up for her newsletter to receive updates, and be eligible to receive a complementary, signed copy of her upcoming book, Dancing in the Rain, A Memoir of Courage, Strength, & Resilience.
Nella has put herself through school and has earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees with distinction. She has worked a counselor, a life coach and a mindfulness practitioner. She is also an inspirational public speaker. Nella has overcome many difficulties and adversity in her own life, including childhood adversity, challenges and losses. Her goal is to inspire and help others to heal, learn from, and to rise above their own challenges and struggles.
She is currently on dialysis, and hopes to receive a donor kidney in the future. She helps to support and inspire others on dialysis through volunteer work, as well as her new blog, entitled Dialysis Talk. Nella is also interested in painting and photography. If you’re interested in exploring or purchasing Nella’s photographs or artwork, please click here
Her books can be purchased globally, anywhere books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and Target. Her audiobook is available at Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and Apple Books. For signed copies, please refer to the Contact page.
Interviews, TV Appearances, Personal...
Nella’s work has been published in various publications, including Studio East Magazine & Supervision Journal. She has been interviewed by The Times, The Putnam County Press, and Eventful Magazine, and has appeared on the TV show, Artists and their Art. Her events are held at book stores, libraries, schools, social clubs, and via Zoom.
Nella is also a musician and has performed in bands with her husband, Kenny. They both spoil their lovable rescue foxhound mix, Alex. She loves animals and runs a support group to help those grieving the loss of their beloved animals. On a more personal note, she enjoys the cozy warmth of her wood burning stove, painting, taking photos, or curling up with a good book.

Putnam County Times Interview: 

What led to the writing of this book?
Great question! I began to look at particular resentments that I have been struggling with for decades, and I realized how much negative impact they still had upon my life. As much as I wanted relief, I couldn’t bring myself to let go of the hurt. I I was particularly struggling with forgiveness issues concerning my mother. So, I decided to explore this relationship from a broader lens, including what her perspective might have been concerning our struggles. This was the starting point that evolved into a book.

What is your background?
I have undergraduate and graduate degrees and calcium psychology, and I have worked as a counselor. I also have other certificates including life coaching.
Who would benefit from reading your book?
Anyone who is sick and tired of embracing the pain of chronic resentment will benefit from this book. They need to be ready, and understand that forgiveness is a choice for so feeling and personal growth. Forgiveness is for the forgive her, not for the person that they are forgiving. It is the highest form of self-respect and self-love. It is my hope that my readers can avoid some of the pitfalls that I experienced. If they follow the steps and explore the topics explained in my book, I believe that they can successfully release their own resentments.

Why is topic is important?
 I think that most of us struggle with forgiveness, and our misconceptions add to this struggle. We seem to think that if we forgive, then the offender has won. We need to expand our perceptions of forgiving. We don’t forgive for the offender’s benefit. We do so for self-healing.  When we insist upon embracing resentments, it erodes our ability to live our lives fully. 
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