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Animal Reiki



I absolutely love and honor animals as highly evolved spiritual beings. I have seen that they have the capacity to heal humans in so many ways, and I have been blessed to feel their unconditional love and wisdom throughout my life.  

Being a lifelong animal parent, animal lover and animal advocate, I am thrilled to offer animals healing Reiki. This can be done in person or remotely (distance reiki).

Reiki treatments are given remotely or in person.  The benefits for face-to-face sessions and distant sessions are exactly the same, because the universal energy force transcends space and time. Because of this, I have successfully performed reiki healing sessions to animals all over the globe. 

 If you’re interested in receiving Reiki for your animal companion, please contact me for fees and an appointment time.  Once an appointment has been scheduled, forward me a photo of your animal and his or her name.


The fee per session is $47 and lasts between 20 to 30 minutes. The frequency of sessions will depend upon the needs of each animal.

If you run an animal shelter or rescue, contact me about complimentary sessions. 

Please feel free to email me to set up an appointment. 

(Please note: Reiki is not a replacement for veterinary care.)

Giving Back

On all animal reiki sessions, 20% of the net profits will donated to the Putnam Animal Shelter in NY. They take amazing care of the animals who live there. I adopted one of my hounds, Alex, from this shelter, and he is a sweetheart who loves hugs, cookies, playing with his sister, Penelope, and he especially enjoys Reiki. ❤️ Here are a couple of pictures of Alex, and Penelope, his basset hound sister “from another mister” 😀:

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