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What is Heart-Centered Life Coaching?

In heart-centered coaching, the coach believes that everyone has infinite potential within them to be, do, give and have whatever they desire.

Heart-centered coaches know that their clients are connected to a power that’s greater than any circumstance or problem they are currently facing, no matter how big those problems might seem, or how long they have existed.

They also have a core belief in the goodness of people, and they help their clients get in touch with that goodness, and work with it, to create a life that they enjoy living.

Instead of telling the clients what they can do and be, who they are, and what they should do, heart-centered coaches help them to tap into the wisdom, greatness and infinite potential that is already inside them.

In a heart-based coaching session, the individual learns about themselves and what they want to be, do and give. They realize that they are more empowered than they’ve ever realized they were, and are liberated and set free to live a life they love living.

Why is Investing In Working with a Life Coach Such a Worthwhile Investment?

Life coaches are a powerful support in helping clients achieve their dreams!

Everyone wants to live their dream life, and if it were easy to realize and achieve our goals on our own, we’d all be living our dream lives right now! This where a life coach comes in - we help facilitate the process of people transforming their own lives.

We show the client there is a power within them far greater than any circumstance or condition, and that they have very real choices in how to use that power to transform any area of their life including health, abundance, career and relationships.

While we know that our greatest power comes from within, we also know how challenging it can be to really see and understand that truth without the guidance of another person. This is why a life coach will go above and beyond in helping a client find that place of power within themselves.

Many of us often feel stuck, experiencing longing and discontent in at least one area of our lives – but don’t know how to address the roots of these feelings in order to create meaningful and lasting change.  Life coaches help provide that clarity. 

And the truth is, much of this longing and discontent comes from not knowing yet what we’d most like to be, do, have or give in this life, even though we feel a desire and drive rising up in us to do something different and amazing!  A heart-centered life coach can help you understand why you are stuck and then work through these obstacles with you.

So many highly motivated people get stuck in life because they have trouble identifying their greatest dreams, even though these dreams live somewhere deep inside of them already. A life coach will help illuminate and clarify these desires, and then guide their client along the steps necessary to transforming them into reality, while providing motivation and accountability.

What is the difference is between a life coach and a therapist?

The major difference between the two, is that a therapist helps you gain insight into your past, whereas a life coach focuses on what you want for your future.

A therapist’s role is to help you focus on and review the negative patterns from your past and help you move past these patterns and feelings so that they are no longer affecting you in the present. The therapist’s job is to help their clients process the emotions from these experiences, so they can experience greater peace of mind, emotional freedom and confidence moving forward.

Therapy can be an amazing and wonderful way to help someone who’s in deep pain to transform that experience, and then to come out on the other side as a happier and healthier person. Therapists also help people make decisions.

A life coach focuses more on how their client wishes to transform in their life.  Rather than deeply exploring the past, they take a look at the results they’re having right now.

A life coach helps their client to stand on the shoulders of everything they’ve learned from their past, whether easy or difficult, and to learn from those experiences.

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