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What are you grateful for?

What are you grateful for?

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned in 12 step recovery groups is the importance of being grateful. In my experience, maintaining a conscious level of gratitude is important for a balanced perspective and living a happy life.

Sometimes the seemingly small yet …

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The Putnam Press Times Interview

I was recently interviewed by the Putnam County Times, and I’d like to share this interview in this blog post. I welcome your feedback.


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Dancing in the Rain

Right now, I’m riding the wave of excitement! 

After nearly 2 1/2 years of soul searching, introspection, reliving, and documenting the most difficult and pain experiences in my life, as well as the important lessons I’ve learned, my memoir, Dancing in the Rain, has finally been relea…

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Dolce far niente: sweet idleness


I went on a vacation a couple of weeks ago, and I realized the sweetness of being able to just kick back and relax. Normally, in my every day life, I never take time just stop, do nothing, and relax. My brain is usually racing. 

As I was sitting on the beach at the beautiful Jersey sho…

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Angels, Spirituality and Religion


Before beginning this blog, I just want to share that I’m spiritual rather than religious. I believe that God is way too big to be confined to any one religion or doctrine. To be clear, the God of my understanding is a loving God.
In my upcoming book, in the chapter Angels, Sp…

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Finding Meaning

When I was younger, I was overly concerned with analyzing and trying to understand the reasons why. As I’ve matured, I began to realize that this was a waste of time, and I became better at accepting that often we have to live with unanswered questions. The mantra, “Why me?” has never brought …

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One day at a time

Over two decades ago, I learned the concept of living life one day at a time. Since then, I try my best to use this tenet in my life.  I’m not always perfect, but I try my best to focus on achieving this, and it’s been incredibly  helpful now that I’m  on dialysis.

Each morning I …

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