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Who’s Life is More “Precious”?

Do we now pick and choose which lives are more “precious” than others?

I have tried very hard not to be political in my blogs. Trust me, it’s not easy. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue so hard that it hurts! But there comes a time when, as Edmund Burke said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for a few good people to do nothing!” And I believe that saying nothing and doing nothing is equivalent to compliance and consent, and, therefore, dangerous.

Throughout history, every time people have chosen to close their eyes and look the other way, tragedy ensued. For example, 6 million innocent Jews weren’t personally tortured and murdered by Hitler. No! He never killed one person and never visited one concentration camp.
Nevertheless, he was able to convince countless others to willingly (often enthusiastically) do his dirty work, while the rest of the world looked the other way, and pretended nothing was happening. 

Does this does sound like a scenario that could happen again? (You’re dammed right – it can!)

And it begins in increments… Keep in mind that even the biggest, most disastrous snowstorms began with a few gentle snowflakes...

In this blog, I’m going to try my best to avoid taking an overtly religious or political position. My mother and father would often say that it’s best to avoid debates on politics and religion, because no one wins, and friends are lost. This is still true today, but there’s a big difference. Once upon a time, people were more respectful of one another. And, believe it or not, it wasn’t that long ago. People understood the phrase “let’s just agree to disagree.“ Now, however, this common decency has become obsolete. If you don’t agree with some people, then you are, by default, the enemy. 

Some people will actually become violent and verbally abusive if you disagree with them. Does anyone else find this crazy and unacceptable? It’s a Hitler mentality… It’s a cult mentality… And it’s a dangerous mentality!

And so, I ask you, how the hell did a health issue become a political issue? A religious issue?How am I infringing upon your right if I ask you, as a fellow human being, to wear a mask so I won’t catch any possible illness, and I will do the same for you? Why is that offensive? Why is that asking too much of you? 

If you have a medical appointment, and your doctor decides that he or she is not going to wear a mask, would you find that unacceptable? Outrageous? Be honest. Would you say that he has the same right as you to refuse to wear a mask, because you are “infringing upon his rights?” Do you have different rules for your doctor (for example, “my doctor has a moral obligation to wear a mask when he/she is examining me?”) And, if so, why do these rules only apply when your safety is at risk??

Just help me to understand this. When I watch the news, and I see people having temper tantrums, saying that their rights are being infringed upon, I just don’t get it. As we say in New York, WTH? (or WTF?)

Anyhow, often, many of these individuals are the same people who are pro-life activists, and vehemently believe that “all life is precious.” Following that logic, let’s look at this scenario: Maybe you are a carrier of the COVID-19, and don’t know it yet. Maybe you’re next to someone, such as myself, who has an illness that puts them in a high risk situation. Do you not feel a moral obligation to see my life as precious as anyone else’s, for that matter? – Just as a fellow human being? No matter where I look, I just don’t seem to get a straight answer for this question, and that’s disturbing.

Help me to understand this... how is it that the same people who spent a great deal of time endorsing the “all life is precious“ philosophy, are the same people who are now fighting against wearing masks to stop the spread of a DEADLY virus... because, although “all life is precious”, there appears to be a caveat - all life is precious, BUT you’ll pick and choose who’s life is more precious? And... that makes sense, how?


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