Nella Coiro

Dolce far niente: sweet idleness


I went on a vacation a couple of weeks ago, and I realized the sweetness of being able to just kick back and relax. Normally, in my every day life, I never take time just stop, do nothing, and relax. My brain is usually racing. 

As I was sitting on the beach at the beautiful Jersey shore, I was able to calm my thoughts, and shake off the usual clutter and clanging that goes on.instead, I was able to fully experience and enjoy the magnificence of the moment. It was such a freeing experience. With ease, I focused on the sounds of the waves and the seagulls, and the aromas of the salty ocean. 

Admittedly, it’s a lot easier to do when you’re away from your usual surroundings, but I’ve found that I’ve taken these images home with you, and some are on videos. This helps t take me there again, igniting those feelings of relaxation once again.

The Italians call this “dolce far niente,” which means sweet relaxation, or carefree idleness. They say that Americans struggle to experience this, because we’re always too busy doing something. We believe that if we’re doing nothing, we’re wasting time.  We don’t understand the value of relaxation.  Ow that’s I’ve been able to experience the sweetness of doing nothing, I’m going to try to replicate it again and again.

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