Nella Coiro


“Don’t give up a minute before the miracle happens.”

Several years ago, I heard the quote cited above, and these words of encouragement have dwelled in my heart ever since. I have carried these words with me through many experiences, challenges, and tribulations, and they have helped me through many difficult moments. 
My life experiences, as well as continuous and persistent determination, tell me that I am a survivor. It’s probably in my DNA. Even when I feel weary and overwhelmed, I can still muster up increments of resilience.
Even when I might feel initially devastated by unexpected obstacles, the idea of giving up has never been a choice. I think Nietzsche’s quote sums it up nicely, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” So, as far as giving up is concerned... with God’s help...  it’s not gonna happen.
Concerning the second part of the quote… what exactly is “the miracle” that happens? Volumes of books have been written about the nature and the various aspects of miracles. One explanation that I particularly like comes from A Course in Miracles, which defines a miracle as a change in perception. This shift in perception melts away our fears and allows us to see a situation from a broader scope, and in ways that previously eluded us. This miracle also has the capacity to open our eyes and see the hope of infinite possibilities.
When you think about it, this expanded insight is miraculous in so many ways. It opens new doors, and gives us an opportunity to change our lives. Or, as A Course in Miracles asserts, “They (miracles) undo the past in the present, and thus release the future.”
Imagine walking into a dimly lit room. There are many things that we can’t see, but they are still there. Then, suddenly, a bright light emerges to illuminate the darkness, and we are shocked to see everything that, just a second ago, was invisible. New insights fill the room!  When our   perception is shifted, this changes things, including our choices and our future. And... that’s huge!
So, regardless of what’s happening in your life... never relent... stay strong... and keep your focus on the upcoming miracle - it’s only a moment away ...



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