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Right now, I’m riding the wave of excitement! 

After nearly 2 1/2 years of soul searching, introspection, reliving, and documenting the most difficult and pain experiences in my life, as well as the important lessons I’ve learned, my memoir, Dancing in the Rain, has finally been released! 

In terms of emotions, writing my memoir was a rough journey for a few reasons. First, it was such an intimate, personal account of my life, and sharing it with the world is – well, courageous. 

Someone once said that your best writing will occur when you tell people stories about yourself that are uncomfortable, and you really don’t want anyone to know. If this is true, then this book falls into the category of my personal best.

Second, it was difficult – even painful, to remember and relive certain experiences and the intense emotions attached to them. However, on the plus side, it was healing to identify the learning lessons and the personal growth that I’ve experienced. 

My hope is that my memoir will help anyone who has faced adversity to see that they too can rise above their circumstances.

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