Nella Coiro

Weathering the Storm

There is an adage that my mother would sometimes say, “When it rains, it pours.” This illustrates that often when adversity and troubling situations come at us, they are usually accompanied by other negative situations that seem to happen simultaneously, or in rapid succession. This past week, I have experienced the full meaning of this wise, timeless aphorism. More about that, coming up…


There’s another quote that also involves the metaphor of rain and struggle. However, it presents a very different way of looking at life difficulties. It reads, “Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.” (Vivian Greene)


Therefore, like everything else in life, we have two different ways of how we can view and approach similar situations. Honestly, it took a few days before I was able to move from the horrible feeling of fear and powerlessness, to a place of acceptance and inner strength. How did I move from feeling helplessly rained upon to “dancing” in that downpour? Mindfulness, meditation and prayer. 


Allow me to expand a bit... mindfulness is about clearing our thoughts of disastrous projections and staying in the moment we’re in – the now. Is this easy? Heck, no. It takes work, and requires vigilance, but the payoff is tremendous and can be life-changing.


This week I devoted all of my focus and energy on practicing being in the present moment (mindfulness), and setting aside time (between several appointments) to meditate and pray. I’m not specifically talking about a particular religion, but rather a spiritual connection and conversation with the God of my understanding. I define prayer as communicating with my Higher Power. 


The power of prayer works for me, and if I didn’t have a strong spiritual connection, I would not have been able to survive this past year. Daily mindfulness and meditation is a winning and powerful combination.


In this past year, I was inundated by an enormous amount of unrelenting rain… my health situation took a hit, which brought me from 13 years of kidney disease to dialysis, because my kidney function suddenly and rapidly declined. Now, I have a rare complication with peritoneal dialysis, so I will be undergoing a second surgery, so I can switch to hemodialysis.

I have had some other non-medical setbacks and what appeared to be tragic losses. However, in hindsight I was able to see that these were probably blessings in disguise. It was simply time to shed the shackles of inordinately toxic relationships.


The year wasn’t totally horrible, and there were joyful moments too. I wrote two books that are selling quite well (and I’m working on a 3rd book.) More importantly, I’ve received so many messages from readers sharing that my books have helped them. I’m so honored and humbled that my words and experiences have helped others… that’s priceless. I’m also lucky to be married to someone who is supportive, loving, and understanding beyond what I can adequately express in words. Again… priceless.


Over the years, I’ve learned that when I’m having a challenging or a difficult time, it also helps me to balance the scales, by looking at my blessings, and getting off the “pity-pot” as quickly as possible, weathering the current storm, and reminding myself of another cliché that an ancient Persian Sufi poet once said: … “this too shall pass...”


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