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Clearing Our Mind Clutter

 I think that most of us find it difficult to focus and clear our minds. Our thoughts are tossed around like a beach ball. We go from one thought to another, and can often become fixated on particular thoughts, ruminating and driving ourselves crazy.
Here are some ways to help you empty the clutter in your mind:  
1.    Are you procrastinating about a project? Finish it! Then it won’t continue to rent space in your mind.
2.    Make lists of tasks you need to complete and add tentative deadlines for each task.  
3.    Use the recorder app on your phone, iPad or computer, and record everything that comes to your mind. Just ramble. There is something profound that happens when you articulate your random and recurring thoughts. As you do this, you’re automatically decluttering your mind. Also, when you say things out loud, you’re able to see the issues  with a clearer perspective, and very often you can also see the solutions. 
4.    Take a brisk walk. Mind clutter is pent up energy, and walking off some of this excess energy will relax your body as well as your mind.
5.    Play a game that forces you to focus on only one thing. I play solitaire on my iPad. It works for me!
6.    Play with your dog or cat. It’s fun and very relaxing, and your animal will  really appreciate it.
7.    Clean up the clutter in your home. I know - no one enjoys this, but it helps.  If you are looking at the clutter all around you, it is going to increase your mind clutter.
8.    Listen to music.  It’s a universal healer and it works for everyone.    
9.   I have been meditating for many years, and it’s such a beautiful way to focus and relax.  After meditating I usually feel refreshed, calm and de-cluttered. 
10.    Some people clear their minds by connecting with nature – taking a hike or sitting on a beach. Fresh air, captivating scenery, the aromas and sounds of nature. It’s a sure way to replenish our serenity.
Oh, and one more thing… How did your mind get cluttered to begin with?  Answering this question will help you to avoid a clutter overload in the future. 
How do you clear your thoughts?

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I liked this blog post. I have a hard time clearing my thoughts and a lot of the time my thoughts are racing at 100mph. I want to learn more about meditating. Maybe you could do another blog of some tips on how you meditate.Thanks. Sometimes I will do crosswords or Word Find puzzles to relax.






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