Nella Coiro

Update: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nella has temporarily postponed in-person events. 

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Nella Coiro is still available for life coaching sessions by phone, internet chat, FB messaging, Skype and FaceTime, and she is currently conducting workshops, and internet-based speaking engagements through Zoom, Skype, as well as other platforms. To learn more information, or to schedule an event, please email her assistant, Lisa:

Speaking Engagements & Book Signings

Over the past nearly two years, Nella has become a very popular, sought after, inspirational speaker. She began by doing events to promote her first and second books, through  pre-launch book promotional tours. She has done countless book signings, primarily in book stores and libraries, which she enjoyed immensely, and loved meeting and chatting with her readers.

She has also spoken and conducted workshops in several venues, companies, and social clubs, including: several Rotary Clubs in NY, Connecticut, and New Jersey, Verizon, the Knights of Columbus, women’s social groups, Libraries, Barnes and Noble, and several independent book stores.


Nella is delighted to speak on various topics. Some presentation titles include:

  • The Forgiveness Journey - An Overview
  • Living Proactively 
  • The Delicate Art of saying “No”
  • Forgiveness in 12-Step Recovery
  • What is Forgiveness? The Basics
  • Mindfulness Basics and Practice
  • Releasing Toxic Relationships
  • Communication: Beyond Biases and Contamination
  • Forgiveness & Family
  • Next Level Forgiveness 
  • Toxic Family Relationships 
  • Abuse and Forgiveness 
  • Chronic Illnesses: Finding the Sun Behind the Clouds
  • Living Your Best Self

(Note: The presentation topics can be designed  according to your specific needs.)


Virtual Workshops

Nella and her team are in the process of creating virtual workshops. Using an array of tools, each workshop will be designed to empower the participants, and assist each person to find inner peace, strength,  healing and closure. (Workbook, pdf handouts & resource materials are included.)

Please note that when the Covid19 restrictions change, then Ms.Coiro will resume doing workshops in person again.

Workshop Curriculum


  • Definitions & Misconceptions 
  • Fascinating  Studies - An Overview
  • The Law of Attraction: An Overview
  • Creating a Personalized Plan of Action
  • Healthy Communication Tips
  • Mindfulness Skills & Exercises
  • Overcoming Obstacles/Conflict Resolution 
  • Walking the Journey 
  • Self-Forgiveness 
  • Exploring Internal Scripts
  • Identifying Learning Opportunities 
  • From Powerlessness to Self-Empowerment 
  • Beyond Forgiveness
  • Proactive Living