Nella Coiro

Author, Forgiveness Coach & Online Instructor

Work With Me 

Private Forgiveness Coaching




Forgiveness is deeply personal and the experience is different for everyone.  The coaching process that Nella uses is based upon a structured framework that be specific to the client’s particular needs.


Sometimes educating yourself is just the first step. In private coaching, you will have the added benefit of the coach, who will assist you in putting your life experiences and your situation into perspective.


The work is specifically focused upon emotional awareness, and developing the skills needed to forgive. These skills are outlined in a step-by-step process which includes writing, discussion, visualization and other steps.


Nella will guide and support you as you  travel this healing journey  of  forgiveness, letting go, moving forward, identifying the learning opportunities, and achieving personal empowerment and emotional freedom.


What’s included in Private Coaching?


  •  Digital access to all educational materials
  •  Lesson Plans
  •  Homework Assignments
  •  Visualization Exercises, and More...