Nella Coiro

Healing & Personal Development Arts

Reiki Space Clearing

Space and land energy clearing, or spiritual cleansing, can be compared to house cleaning on an energetic level. Everything that ever happens In our space and land leaves a residue of energy that can become in print it in that space. Illness, arguments, negative emotions, and even every day energetic debris that you pick up the grout that they can build up around the rooms of your space. 

Various rituals and procedures are used to clear negative energies that may have built up around your home; these energies are often created by previous occupants, arguments or illnesses. Human emotions can have a profound impact on the energy in your space. 

Afterwards, the vibe generally feels much lighter and brighter, and health and sleep patterns often show a marked improvement. Pets often reap rewards as well, especially if anxiety has been a problem.

When are space clearings most beneficial?

  • After renovating or moving into a home or office.
  • When you feel ‘stuck’ in life and need a lift.
  • If you feel anxious or depressed
  • If you feel uncomfortable feeling in a particular space.  
  • After a serious illness or death of a loved one.

What’s involved?
Space Clearing involves some preparation both at your end and mine, with the procedure taking roughly 1-2 hours. I will start by discussing your situation before starting the space clearing. My clearings involve Reiki, crystals, Feng Shui and sometimes sage, concluding with a house blessing to protect and harmonize your space.

Clearings can be done in both residential and commercial settings. Please free to contact me regarding having your Space & Land energy cleared anywhere in the world.