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How do you define forgiveness? According to Nella Coiro, "forgiveness is the highest form of self-love."

The idea for The Forgiveness Journey was born when the author began to explore resentments that she had been struggling with for decades, and realized the degree of negative impact they still had on her life. Her ability to forgive long-term resentments inspired her to write this book, hoping that others will be able to avoid the obstacles which she encountered.

The author asserts that the topic of forgiveness is something many people struggle with, and misconceptions can add to this struggle. "We seem to think that if we forgive, then the offender has won. We need to expand our perceptions of forgiving."

Using a combination of research, interviews, therapeutic models, and her own personal experience, Nella will take you through the steps needed to forgive those who have offended you, move past your victim stories, forgive those who have not apologized, and move on with your life.

This important book gives you the tools you need to achieve self-empowerment and transformation, including mindfulness exercises, action plans, checklists, and it addresses topics like boundaries, expectations, toxic situations, misconceptions, and communication. This book also addresses resentment in how it relates to illness. The Forgiveness Journey shows that finding forgiveness is about releasing yourself from the shackles tying you to the past. 

The Forgiveness Journey is for anyone who is sick and tired of embracing the pain of chronic resentments. "They need to be ready, and understand that forgiveness is a choice for self-healing and personal growth. Forgiveness is for the forgiver, not for the offender." Remember: the road to forgiveness is a journey, and Nella Coiro is here to be your guide.



”This book is very powerful and a must read.”

”Once I began to read it, I couldn’t put it down.”

“The author blends new and refreshing themes to the topic of forgiveness, and gently moves you to a place where you understand that forgiveness is for you, not the person you’re forgiving.”

”Written in an encouraging and compassionate voice.”




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 The Forgiveness Journey Workbook

Projected Release Date: December, 2019



Designed to be used alone or in conjunction with The Forgiveness Journey- Transcend Your Hurt, Transform Your Life, The Forgiveness Journey Workbook will take you on a more profound forgiveness journey, and help you to enhance and expand upon the lessons and concepts taught in the book. Moreover it will draw upon your personal experiences to bring to life the concepts in the book, through exercises, focus questions, guided imagery, quizzes, journaling, and other action-based activities. This workbook will also help you  to document your personal growth, reframe your thinking and perspective, gain deeper insights, forgive on a more personal level, and deepen your understanding of yourself.

PLUS...the Workbook includes bonus material and a Bonus Chapter!



Today’s Message 

“People can walk our journey with us, but no one can walk it for us.

(From  the soon to be released book: The Forgiveness Journey Workbook)




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