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Nella’s memoir, Dancing in the Rain is now available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble,, and internationally, wherever books are sold.



Book Summary:

A deeply personal memoir about a courageous woman’s journey to rise above insurmountable obstacles, and identify the learning lessons. Her story will inspire anyone who is faced with adversity.

In this raw and deeply intimate memoir, Nella shares for the first time, the challenges she faced growing up in a home that exposed her to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Learning from her parents, Nella has had her own struggles with substance abuse, depression, and ongoing adversity. 

But here, she illustrates how she navigated the immeasurable obstacles she faced as a youth, as well as how, as an adult, she balances the lasting scars from those traumas, as well as addressing serious medical issues. With the love and support of her spouse, and reliance upon her spirituality, she continues the lifelong journey towards self-acceptance, self-love, personal growth, and inner peace.

A Note from the Author 
After nearly three years of soul searching, introspection, reliving, and documenting the most difficult experiences in my life, as well as the important lessons I’ve learned, my book has finally been released! My hope is that it can help anyone who has faced adversity to see that they too can rise above their circumstances.”
 Editorial Review

"In Dancing in the Rain, Coiro shares the challenges she faced growing up in a home that explosed her to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as her ongoing struggles with kidney disease, and being on dialysis. The author said she hopes that any readers going through adversity will be inspired and find the strength and resilience within them to overcome their obstacles and identify the possible learning lessons." - Putnam County Press/Times
What Some of the Readers are Saying
“I found myself inspired to deal with my own life issues after reading Nella story. Her writing brought me to tears, but ultimately the joy and how she overcame her adversities. She found her way to a good life despite all she went to. I appreciate her honesty sharing.” 
“While this memoir has lots of trauma and adversity, the strength and power comes from the attempt not just to overcome all these issues and live a full life, but to give the struggles meaning by learning from them, and giving others a message of hope. Great for anyone who has felt defeated in life and search for a way to persevere.“
First, the author of this book is a talented writer. A book of poetry should be published. This story is a personal account of a child and adult who has struggled with life for over 60 years. Her mother, who had a mental illness, adopted her was a baby and never told her. The author found out at the age of 39 when she received the baptismal certificate from her church. After confronting her mother for not telling her about the  adoption, she received $1.00 from her mother’s will when her mother died four years later. The author also speaks of being molested by her adopted father as a child and the effect on her as an adult. There’s also a chapter about her troubled sister.”