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Nella Coiro is a published author, a spiritual teacher, a popular, sought-after inspirational speaker, and an educator. Her other credentials are listed below. Academically, she holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the psychology, proudly graduating summa cum laude. She has worked as a mental health professional  for decades, and also holds a certificate in addiction counseling.


Nella has been writing since her teenage years, and her articles and poetry can be found in several publications, including Studio East Magazine and Supervision Journal. She was also interviewed by The Times, The Putnam County Press, and Eventful Magazine. Nella has also appeared on the Popular Comcast television show called Artists and their Art.  She loves to express her self through words, and is often quoted as saying, “My greatest joy it in life is writing, and helping others by sharing my experiences, strength and hope.” For details concerning her speaking engagements, click here


Academically, she holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees, proudly graduating summa cum laude. Her alma maters includes Aquinas High School, Iona College, The College of New Rochelle and Fordham University Graduate School. She also holds a certificate in Alcoholism & Addiction Counseling from JRW Institute of Alcoholism and Addiction Studies. She has worked as a mental health professional for decades, and  recently, she utilizes the newly acquired skills (cited belowhh but) to working with select,  motivated clients.


Nella holds certifications as a Life Coach, an Accredited Forgiveness Coach, a Mindfulness Practitioner, an NLP & CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Practitioner. She approaches her work with enthusiasm, drawing upon her own personal experiences, spirituality, the 12 step recovery model, the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha, the eastern spiritual traditions.


Nella is also an accomplished musician. She plays the guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. In the past, she has performed professionally in bands, with her spouse, Kenny. She has also been writing songs and playing the guitar since her teenage years. She has fond memories of playing the guitar with her cousin,  Peter, remembering the fun times they had playing music together.

Nella has overcome many challenges and adversity in her own life, including medical issues. Currently, she lives with chronic pain, has kidney disease, and is on dialysis, and hopes to receive a kidney transplant in the future. She views her life challenges as “learning opportunities“ rather than “disabilities, and proudly sees herself as a warrior.

She enjoys helping and inspiring others, and assisting them in accessing their own inner warrior. In fact, this is the theme of the book she’s currently writing, and she’s very excited about this project, because she feels that this book will help so many people.

In her free time, you might find her strumming her guitar, playing keyboards, writing some music, painting, reading a good book, bowling, jogging, catching a movie, and listening to music. She especially loves comedies, and science fiction.

Nella was born and raised in the city, and now lives in a beautiful small town, with her spouse, Kenny, and their two hounds, Penelope a basset hound, and Alex, a mixed foxhound rescue. She loves animals and nature.


Nella’s books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, as well as independent bookstores and all online book outlets worldwide. Her audiobook is available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and Apple Books.

She is currently working on her third book, as mentioned above, which has been accepted for publication, and hopes to have it launched in the latter part of 2020, or early in 2021. It is an uplifting and inspiring book about living your best life with chronic and life threatening medical challenges.

In addition to her passion for writing, she is a life coach and a mindfulness training practitioner, and enjoys working with clients. She is also currently creating virtual workshops and online courses, and hopes to resume book signings and speaking engagements in the near future.

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ISBN: 978-1733952200



Can you find it in your heart to forgive?  According to the author, you can, and you do this for you. Using a combination of research, interviews, therapeutic models, and her own personal experience, Nella will take you in a comprehensive journey, and through the steps needed to forgive those who have offended you, move past your victim stories, forgive those who are unapologetic, and move on with your life.

This important book gives you the tools you need to achieve self-empowerment and transformation, including mindfulness exercises, action plans, checklists, and it addresses topics like boundaries, expectations, toxic situations, misconceptions, and communication. It also addresses resentment and how it relates to illness.

The Forgiveness Journey is for anyone who is sick and tired of embracing the pain of chronic resentments. The author asserts that, “They need to be ready and understand that forgiveness is a choice for self-healing and personal growth, and has little to do with the offender and the offense. Remember, the road to forgiveness is a journey, and Nella Coiro is here to be your guide.




Narrated by the talented,

SOVAS Arts Award Winner, Margo Trueblood



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ISBN: 978-1733952224 



Designed to be used alone or in conjunction with The Forgiveness Journey- Transcend Your Hurt, Transform Your Life, The Forgiveness Journey Workbook will take you on a more profound forgiveness journey, and help you to enhance and expand upon the lessons and concepts taught in the book. Moreover it will draw upon your personal experiences to bring to life the topics in the book, through exercises, focus questions, guided imagery, quizzes, journaling, and other action-based activities. This workbook will also help you  to document your personal growth, reframe your thinking and perspective, gain deeper insights, forgive on a more personal level, and deepen your understanding of yourself.




The Forgiveness Journey 

“One of the best books I’ve read about letting go of grudges. Covers the topic from different points of view. I particularly like the author’s writing style.”

“Very unique and different. Not your run-of-the-mill type of forgiveness book.”


“I read this book, and it was such a great release of hatred and so much much more. But I’ll never ever forget it.” 


“The best book I’ve read so far on forgiveness and releasing the heavy baggage of grudges.”


“A powerful book and must read, if you are having a hard time with forgiving. I’ve read a lot of book on forgiveness, but this book covered topics that I’ve would never have thought about.”


“The author writes with passion, a bit of humor, and incredible insight. She openly shares her own struggles and how her life was changed when she was able to forgive grudges that lasted for many years. She also offers tools, exercises and interviews that come to life, the grieving aspects of forgiveness , and so much more. The emphasis is that forgiveness heals the forgiver.” 


“Her writing style is very warm, and it feels as if you’re having a conversation with the author.”


“No preaching in this book. Just wisdom and insight.”


“The Forgiveness Journey, by Nella Coiro, shares a beautiful insight. Namely, that we are all capable of forgiveness, no matter how hurt we feel…  Forgiveness, Coiro states, doesn’t always mean reconciliation, but it means relieving ourselves of our emotional pain. She outlines a 9-step program, plus relaxation & meditation exercises, to help us on our path to recover joy and peace of mind. Forgiving our parents, children, partners, spouses, siblings, ourselves, and even chronic illness, are topics she covers. She also shares her own story of forgiveness, a story remarkable in its honesty.”


“Written in an encouraging and compassionate voice, The Forgiveness Journey can help those of us trapped in the agony of hurt and blame to finally see the way out and forgive.”

The Forgiveness Journey Workbook 

“Healing, Unique, Uplifting, Witty, yet dead-on serious, and powerful! I read Ms. Coiro‘s other book about forgiveness, and it really opened my eyes and made me realize that I was suffering from my own hate. It was a page-turner for sure. Once I began to do the exercises and answer the questions in this workbook, I was surprised and it really helped me to understand myself a lot better. I’m still working with the book, and haven’t finished yet. I’m about half way through. I love the way this author writes. She is so compassionate, yet firm. She has a nice sense of humor too, which I just love about her. She’s also open about how she got through some of her own struggles, and some unexpected ones, after she wrote her first book, so I can see that she understands and wants to share this gift. Also like the 12 step references, I’m a big fan!”


“I read Nella Coiro’s other book on forgiveness, and it helped me a lot, so I was anxious to read the workbook. In this workbook she explores additional insights and the questions were very powerful in helping me to hone in on what I was really feeling. I can tell she put a lot of thought into the essays and thought-provoking questions.”


“The workbook helped me to identify feelings and that I was unaware of and gain a deeper understanding of myself. Even if you didn’t read the first book, this workbook can help you to let go of the pain of lingering grudges, and help you to get a deeper understanding about yourself.”


“Very good workbook. Raises questions that helped me to understand myself better. I especially  loved the mindfulness chapter and the final chapter.”


“Fantastic workbook. Deep, thorough, helpful, well-written.”


I read this author’s other book, The Forgiveness Journey, and I loved it. So enlightening, helpful and healing. The workbook was also terrific! It helped me to work through years of anger and hate, and I feel so relieved and healed. I will never forget this experience.


The FORGIVENESS Journey Book Trailer

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